Plezi Unchained: stop using every guru tactic and market your way out of it!

Mardi 22 Septembre à 16:00 (London)
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Some gurus think it's all about hacks. Maybe it is, but what if it was actually about routine and consistency?...


John Hughes
Business Developer
@ Plezi
Benoit Collet
Growth Marketer
@ Plezi


We, as marketers, are tired of wasting time and money. Trying to keep up with the latest guru's tactic and technology can be costly and lead to a burnout without getting any results.

We are o-ver-whelmed!
We have to build a brand, get leads, nurture them, find new tactics, talk to our clients, understand the prospects pain points, create content, prove ROI, and also send the goddamn PDF link of our last ebook to Peter the sales guy... Okay, it's just a little thing! But it's the straw that broke the camel's back.

Cherry on top, Covid. 🤯

Ok Boomer.
- We'll first analyse together what works, aka the routine every marketer must have.
- Then, we'll talk hacks. Do we really need them?
- Finally, we'll analyse all the tactics and tools at our disposal, prioritize, make them evergreen and bulletproof to any crisis.

Be ready. Let's be unchained marketers.