Internationalization : How to Enter New Markets Without Leaving Home

Mardi 22 Septembre à 15:00 (London)
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Because the world is so easily connected, it's surprising more businesses don't take advantage of expanding globally. Expanding into new markets is easier than ever before and doesn't necessarily require building large teams or even opening new offices.


Grant Lingel
Co-founder at Digital LatAm


In this talk, I discuss different ways businesses can tap into new markets and the strategies I created to help build Neil Patel's brand into a huge success in markets like Brazil, a place where he had never been or considered expanding to.

Bio: Grant Lingel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital Latin America and responsible for Neil's business development and global expansion efforts. He is also the co-founder of Sentient Media, a non-profit journalism organization focusing on animal rights and environmental issues. Before joining Neil's team, Grant was a travel writer and content marketing consultant whose work brought him on assignment to dozens of countries across five continents. He is originally from New York and has been living in Brazil since 2011.