‘Everyone’s a marketer’: What I wish I’d been told about marketing start-ups

Tuesday 22 September At 14:00 (London)
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Start-ups are a category all of their own, with different cultures, quirks and expectations to their grown-up relatives. Marketing a start-up comes with its own unique breed of challenges and rewards. After 8 years’ of B2B start-up marketing, here’s what I wish someone had told me when I was starting out.


Lauren Bigland
VP of Communications & Brand Strategy
@ S4M.io


Bio: Lauren Bigland specializes in marketing for the digital advertising industry. She’s been named as one of The Drum&'s 50 Under 30 and B2B Marketer's Women in Tech. Throughout her career she has worked at Teads, LoopMe and more recently S4M as VP of Communications & Brand Strategy.