What's behind the counter ?

Saloon is not just another platform, it is above all an enthusiastic team who were not put off by the cancellation of trade shows.

Our story ...

Saloon came from the culmination of several start-ups who joined forces during the pandemic to quickly offer ideas to SMEs to continue to generate opportunities remotely, despite trade fair cancellations.

Plezi offers a software for B2B SME's and start-ups. We automate time consuming tasks and add a good dose of innovation so that marketers always generate more leads !

And although we have the label "inbound marketing", we also do trade shows ... So we decided to use our skills in creating innovative software to allow companies to continue to generate opportunities.

Crisp offers a customer relationship management software, including online chat. From the start of the adventure, their teams joined ours, in every sense, to offer you the best support on Saloon. The little bubble at the bottom right of this window is them !